The Best Trails for Group and Team Runs in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas is a great place for running, with plenty of trails to choose from. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk or a challenging run, the city has something for everyone. From the Trinity Trails River in Clearfork to the Nature Center just 16 kilometers from downtown, there are plenty of trails to explore. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to 10 popular athletic routes, and the Chisholm Trail is a safe and family-friendly option in Plano.

The Katy Trails start from SMU and extend to the American Airlines Center, while Arcadia Trail Park offers more than 10 miles of trails for runners. And don't forget the Fort Worth Natural Center, with 20 miles of hiking trails. The best trails for group or team runs in Fort Worth are those along the Trinity Trails River in Clearfork. This trail system has several stretches along the narrow Trinity River of the West Fork and connects many parks. It also has mile markers embedded in the concrete trail every quarter of a mile, so you can easily track your progress.

From downtown Fort Worth, you can head west to Rockwood Park and then around Trinity Park and south to the zoo. Airfield Falls and the multipurpose trails to Lake Bugers or east to Rockwood Park are also great options. For a more relaxed environment, head to the Nature Center just 16 kilometers from downtown Fort Worth. The Chisholm Trail is easily accessible and centrally located in Plano, making it a great choice for group or team runs. It begins in the Valley Ranch community (in the Sam Houston Trail Park) and follows the fork of the Trinity River in Elm to the south to Las Colinas, Irving's central business district.

And don't forget Cedar Ridge Preserve, which is ideal for Dallasans who want to escape the bustling city for a run. No matter what kind of run you're looking for, Fort Worth has something for everyone. From downtown to Airfield Falls and from Cedar Ridge Preserve to the Nature Center, there are plenty of trails to explore. So grab your friends or teammates and hit the trails!.