Exploring the Trinity Trails System in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas, is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. Nicknamed “Cowtown”, it is known for its pens, art museums, excellent cuisine and one of the most respected zoos in the United States. But Fort Worth is also a great place to explore on foot. With more than 40 miles of trails in the Trinity Trails system, runners and walkers alike can find plenty of places to explore. The Trinity Trails system connects numerous major parks in Fort Worth and beyond.

In western Fort Worth, the highlights for running are the area around Airfield Falls and the multipurpose trails to Lake Bugers or east to Rockwood Park. In downtown Fort Worth, there are some nice trails that head west from downtown to Rockwood Park, and then around Trinity Park and south to the zoo. In the south, just south of the city center, there is a beautiful residential neighborhood, the Clear Fork River Trail and a pleasant drive from Overton Park to Kellis Park. North of I-820, the racing scene centers around the more than 10 miles of Arcadia Trail Park, which connects to other parks. The Tarrant Regional Water District, the City of Fort Worth and Streams & Valleys work together to manage, promote and improve Trinity Trails in Fort Worth.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an intense run, you can find it in Fort Worth. Come run through the beautiful Trinity Trails and then share a drink and taco with us in the beautiful Woodshed yard in Fort Worth.